Glenn Close – Bring Change to Mind with Jessie Close and Calen Pick / So-Called Normal – Episode 5

Hey Normies! (That’s not a thing.)

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year since Hollywood legend Glenn Close invited me into her home to talk about mental health. She insisted that her sister Jessie Close, and her nephew Calen Pick were there too, because they were the whole reason that she got involved in this movement in the first place.

I don’t always get nervous, but I suddenly was for this one. It was the first interview that I recorded for the podcast that now has more than 30 amazing episodes. I sat on a bench in the part outside her building in New York, fiddling with the digital recorder that I had very little experience using. I’m not an audio engineer, so the night before I had been googling YouTube videos on how to monitor levels for four mics at once!

Glenn and her family (and her publicist!) were so welcoming and supportive that it made it so much easier. Anyway, I loved our conversation, so I’m resharing it for you in case you haven’t heard it yet. I hope that you enjoy it too, and that you let me know on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram what you thought.

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